New Playstation 4.5: Everything You Need To Know

New Playstation 4.5

Sony may have on the market a new Playstastion 4.5 and do something that until now had never dared to do: upgrade the hardware of a console. No, we’re not talking about the creation of a PS4 smaller and quieter, but a Ps4 with CPU and GPU totally different from those installed now, of course, will offer graphics performance, both in game and in other areas, much more, going to touch the coveted 4K resolution.

The news comes from , famous Internet site to your own flair news that prove true in the end. “A new Ps4 ” (symbolically called Ps4.5) ” will arrive shortly and will offer performance comparable to that of a PC high-end . ” First things first: the news we do not regret, indeed; having a console capable of delivering such power would be a major step forward for the videogame medium, but there are some flaws that perhaps the user has not considered.

Currently, in order to play decently in 4K you need a PC with high-end gaming, the cost of which is estimated at € 1,700 , so, if indeed this new Ps4.5 were to arrive on the market, how much would it cost? Certainly Sony will place not at a lower price to € 500 (as is rumored in the network), not to mention that, being one designed for home entertainment console, you will be required to purchase a TV that can withstand such a resolution . We know that the Japanese company is the world leader in the production of TV screens with UHD resolution, but really worth spending more than € 1,000 just for playing?

PS4 has a processor x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores , a video chip which delivers 1.84 TFLOPS of power along with 8 GB of RAM that, to play at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 frames per second are not enough, how we can very well see from the titles released so far on the console. It’s fine for optimization, usually, is higher than that performed on PC games, but what features should have the hardware Ps4.5? Recall that the 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) is a boulder to be moved at a decent frame rate and continuously for a PC with two high-end video cards, so it is really possible to enclose all that power in a high less than 10 cm console? The internal heat will not lead to a deterioration of the components? Who will provide the chips to ensure this power AMD or Nvidia? These are the questions that every player with a bit ‘of salt should ask yourself. In our opinion, unless Sony has not discovered any new and innovative method to generate a huge amount of graphics power holding all components in a confined space, it is not possible that Ps4.5 stand the 4k; It could certainly improve performance in Full HD, but for the UHD we should wait a bit.

A gamer buys a console, because, most likely did not want to stay to update the components every year / two-year period as you do on a PC, then, the advent of this new console, it could generate discontent in Sony aficionados who already own a Ps4 although some trade-Japanese company for those in store brings the old console to buy the new version would be a smart move.

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