Best Android Strategy Games 2016

Best Android Strategy Games 2016

Do not rely on behalf of the developer, SuperCell, Clash Royale is not just another Clash of Clans clone. If he shares his fantasy world with cartoon patterns, its principle and gameplay are very different. Halfway between Hearthstone for appearance maps and statistics units and tower defense for strategic battles in real time asking to attack the enemy base while defending his own turns, it is very innovative. Particularly addictive and also if we are to believe the incredible success he met early this year. Do not spoil, Clash Royale is free and its free to play business model does not encourage too much to get the blue card to progress in the game.

Lost Frontier

Lost Frontier is similar strategy games old by offering a gameplay round by round on a checkerboard. The player connects the clashes in the desert of Far West by managing units, from cowboys, cavalry and other carriages up guns and helicopters powered by steam. As cute anachronistic, Lost Frontier knows pleasant change through three different heroes to start the game and has the good taste to adopt a premium model without advertising or in-app purchase.

The Room 3

The Room is undoubtedly one of the most popular game series among Android gamers. This third episode nothing wrong as he was as well received as its predecessors. Three months after its release, it was noted 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Play Store. A score that speaks in his favor. The Room requires the player to solve a series of puzzles related to different objects in a given room to get by. This third episode combines puzzles combining logic and observation and adds new gameplay mechanics such as the ability to observe what is happening within specific objects.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game released in 2013 on PC and home consoles and adapted for mobile since. It immerses the player in the heart of a heartbreaking story where two brothers will have to cooperate. The originality of the title based on its gameplay obliging to control two characters simultaneously using two joysticks (one per character). A singularity which adds a degree of difficulty to the many puzzles that dot the path.

Final Fantasy IX

Nostalgic 90s and Playstation One? Good news, since Square Enix has finally decided to bear the greatest RPG on mobile. Android was used earlier this year with Final Fantasy IX. Considered one of the best Final Fantasy with its intriguing story and solid gameplay more than the eighth episode, it is now a classic. The game is translated into French and playable with the controller, but we regret that her publisher has decided to sell more than 20 euros, a very high rate.

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